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Saturday, February 3rd


25 Minute AMRAP:

Teams of 3:

600 Meter Run (each athlete runs 200m)

60 Calorie Row

60 Thrusters

Round 1 – 75/55

Round 2 – 95/65

Round 3 – 115/80

Round 4 – 135/95

In today’s team of 3 workout, the weight on the thruster barbell increases with each round. The weights should be something that athletes could complete at least 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 repetitions unbroken repetitions within the workout if they absolutely needed to. Strategy would suggest otherwise, but this allows us to choose appropriate weights. Having different weight barbells for teams who aren’t all using the same weight is totally ok. If team is all using the same weights, we will use one barbell and change out the weights following each round. Each athletes will run 200 meters, with all three athletes finishing before moving on to the row. If unable to run, complete an equal distance row.

With a 1:3 work to rest ratio, we want to push hard while working, and focus on breathing and recovery as the other partners are working. We also want to change out team mates on the barbell before we get close to failure. If we get to the point where reps are being pressed out, it will be harder to come back from. It is better to switch several reps before we feel like that might happen to allow for a fresh body to get in there. A great time to switch out weights today is while one partner is out on their 200 meter run or while the last partner is finishing up on the row.

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