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Tuesday, October 9th


GYMNASTICS: 7 Minute AMRAP: 5 Ring Dips :10 Seconds Inverted Barbell Row Hold :15 Seconds Double Kettlebell Static Squat Hold



30-20-10: Hang Power Clean (115/80) Calorie Bike

Directly into…

10-20-30: Deadlifts (205/145) Calorie Row

Women complete (21-15-9, 9-15-21) on machines

Here is a video on the double kettle bell static squat and below that is the inverted barbell row. As the barbell row video demonstrates an actual pulling movement, today you will hold the movement for 10 seconds. You can have the option to have your feet on a bench to make it harder if you need like in the video or keep them on the floor.

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