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Monday, February 4th


For the safety of everybody we are going to cancel all classes today.

With snow covered roads that will likely get more icy as temperatures continue to drop later we have decided to make your decision to stay home easy.

Stay home and stay safe. No day in the gym is worth being involved in a collision on the way there or home.

See you all tomorrow

If you are not apart of the CrossFit Burien's Member Page on Facebook please add yourself. We will post the updated class schedules on our private Facebook page and here on the blog.


STRENGTH/GYMNASTICS: 8 Minute EMOM: 20 Double Unders (40 Singles) 1 Cluster A cluster is short for a squat clean thruster. A full squat clean, that moves directly into a thruster without a pause anywhere in the motion. Each minute starts with 20 double unders, purposely challenging our barbell repetition. Time between sets will be on the tighter side, requiring fast weight changes. Start at 65% of 1RM Clean and Jerk, aiming to build in each minute.



5 Minute AMRAP: 27/21 Calorie Row 27 Thrusters (115/80) 27 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 5:00

5 Minute AMRAP: 21/15 Calorie Row 21 Thrusters (95/65) 21 Toes to Bar

Rest 5:00

5 Minute AMRAP: 15/12 Calorie Row 15 Thrusters (75/55) 15 Pull-Ups

Part #1 - A thruster load we could complete 20 repetitions with unbroken, when fresh. Part #2 - A thruster load we could complete 25 repetitions with unbroken, when fresh. Part #3 - A thruster load we could complete 30 repetitions with unbroken, when fresh.

We naturally want to challenge ourselves with our loading here, but only to the point where it allows us to continue to move forward. If we find ourselves with a loading that is forcing more than 2 breaks in any round, we have a barbell that is too heavy to meet the stimulus.

Each round flows in the same order - from row to thruster, to the pull-up bar.

As the repetitions decrease, the bar gets lighter, as does the complexity of the repetition on the pull-up bar.

What this accounts for: when we are fresh, coming into round 1, we are able to work through larger sets in a row. As we fatigue, our ability to cycle large sets diminishes - which is where we can reduce the repetitions to keep our intensity high. Reducing the barbell loading also helps us accomplish this. Although part 3 is far lighter and less complex than our first part, we want to bring the same intensity to both.

Looking at each part individually, it will be a challenge to finish a single round in the first part, with most athletes reaching the 5:00 cap while on the CTB pull-ups.

On part #2, athletes will likely find themselves in the middle of the second round, with the challenge being to finish a full two rounds.

On part #3, athletes will likely find themselves in the middle of the third round, with that being the challenge there - to complete it and get back to the rower

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