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Tuesday, March 26th


Every 90 Seconds for 5 Sets:

3 Pausing Back Squat (3 second pause in the bottom) Set 1 - 65% of estimated 1RM Back Squat Set 2 - 70% Sets 3 - 5 - 75%



3 Rounds for Time: 500m Row 20 Wallballs (20/14) 15 Hang Clean and Jerks (115/80)

Although breakup strategies absolutely matter, with the row involved, pacing our engine is of the larger importance here. We are aiming to be able to sustain a steady-state - never sprinting, never crashing - for the duration.

Only effort today, and in line with our de-load week mentality, we are not looking to set a world record here. Let's move with a purpose, but the larger aim today is a refinement of our pacing. Better to pace just a bit too much here, than to find our first round was our fastest with a steep drop-off.

On the DB hang clean and jerks, alternate every 5 repetitions.

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