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AM vs PM 2019 Open Throwdown Results!


Drum roll pleeeeeaaaaaaaase....

Winning by a hair (a mere 6 points) is team ORANGE CRUSH with 308 points! coming in a close second is team PURPLE NURPLES with 302 points!

Congratulations team ORANGE CRUSH for reeling in the first annual AM vs. PM championship! Each of you that contributed points to your team will be receiving a gift certificate to try Classic Eats meal prep service (FO FREE), and a trial membership at Hot Feet! You will receive an e-mail with more information :)

We are also getting a trophy engraved with our 2019 PM winners; each year we will add to the trophy with that years champion!

Great job to all of the athletes that participated this year, we had a record number of Open sign ups, too many PRs to count, and lots of laughs along the way. In my completely unbiased opion, I think this was the best open yet. Great work CFB Fam!

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