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Wednesday, April 3rd

Starting our day with overhead work and following with a longer metcon involving a heavier push jerk.



Every 2 Minutes for 4 Sets:

Push Press Set 1 - 70% Set 2 - 72% Set 3 - 74% Set 4 - 76% Percentages based on your estimated 1RM Push Press. Over the course of the coming weeks, we will be building steadily over this movement, which we can in turn transition to our jerks.


METCON: “Rear End”

18 Minute AMRAP: 60 Double Unders (120 singles) 45 Air Squats 21/15 Calorie Bike  10 Push Jerks (165/115) FB - (185/135)

**row 30/22 if needed due to large classes

In "Rear End", we have a push jerk that is heavier than we normally see in workouts. Naturally, we want to gravitate towards strategy around that first. If this is a manageable load for us (2 or less quick sets per), we want to find how hard we can push our efforts on the other stations, whereas if it's challenging for us (3 sets), we need to move in capable… or in other words, we need to hold back on the other parts.

Stimulus wise - we do want the heavier barbell. But one that we are very confident we could find for somewhere around 7-10+ unbroken repetitions, when fresh. In the absence of an Assault Bike, this can be completed on the rower for equal calories.

Looking at the remaining three movements, the double-unders, air squats, and biking - these are the met-con inducers. Each round starts by bringing our heart rate up through simple movements, then demands our ability to cycle the heavy barbell. That is the test of the workout.

On the jump rope, we are looking indeed for larger sets if able. Even on rounds 2 and 3, we won't be overly metabolic here (coming off the push jerk). The air squats and calorie bike however, we want to place in a pacing mindset. If we push too hard here, it will negatively impact our jerks. Steady and methodical on the air squats, and on the bike, let's back off on the final few calories to allow a smooth transition to the barbell.

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