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Friday, May 3rd

1. Starting our Friday with overhead drill work and working towards a heavy double split jerk for the day.

2. Finishing our workout with a “bro-sesh” of deadlifting and benching.



11 Minute EMOM:

3x3 - Press in Split *video below 3x3 - Jerk Balance *video below 5x2: Split Jerk

*Press in Split and Jerk Balance Weight:

25-40% 1RM Split Jerk

*Split Jerk Weight: Set 1 - 70% of 1RM Split Jerk Set 2 - 75% Sets 3-5 -Build to a heavy double for the day.

Our first two movements are primers for the third, where we have the chance to piece together the positions refined today. In our “Press in Split” and “Jerk Balance”, loads are fully intended to be on the lighter side (somewhere between 25-40%). Move by feel here, always placing positioning and technique in front of load. All repetitions are taken from the rack.

Press in Split - On the press in split, we are stepping out to our receiving position, followed by 3 strict presses on each set. This affords us the chance to dial in our footwork at the static position, finding our balance and spread load between the two feet. Weight is secondary here to confirming positions – build steadily, but only to a moderate load.

Jerk Balance - On the jerk balance, we start by taking a “half split”. In a dip drive, we’ll send the bar overhead as we step out to our “full split”, punching to the finish. This is a great drill to train the step-out of the front leg, which commonly does not reach far enough out in front of us. Secondly, it allows us a chance to practice driving ourselves beneath the bar, absorbing the weight with a soft knee.



5 Rounds, not for time: 5 Deadlifts (70%) 8 Bench Press (70%)

Rest as needed Weight is based off of 70% of that respective movement. Two separate bars. As an example, if an athlete has a 400 max deadlift, and a 245 max bench press, the workout would be:

5 Rounds: 5 Deadlifts (280) 8 Bench Press (170)



1-2 Rounds (depending on time remaining in class)

200m Kettlebell Carry 1st 50m- one KB overhead, one KB front rack. 2nd 50m - switch sides. 3rd 50m - farmers carry 4th 50m – double front rack



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