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Tuesday, June 4th

1. Starting our day off with technical work. After a power clean primer, we'll move into a build to a heavy complex for the day - 1 hang power clean + 1 power clean. 2. Following comes conditioning. "Power Ranger" couples a moderate barbell with running. We'll move through a descending repetition scheme in both movements.



Clean Primer:

5 Minute EMOM: 1 Hang Clean High Pull **Video Below 1 Low-Hang Power Clean

Directly Into…

"On the 1:30" x 5: 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Power Clean

Set 1 - 75% of estimated 1RM Power Clean Sets 2-5 - Build to a heavy complex for the day, but not an all-time max. Let's move well here.

Hang Clean High Pull: After deadlifting the bar to the hang position, lower the bar to knee-level to start. In the high pull, we are looking to keep the bar close to the body as we bend the elbows. The "scarecrow" visual applies here, with elbows high to the outside.

Note that the heels stay glued to the floor. As we move through this primer, let's focus on all of our weight and power being focused at he "heel arch", or the area right beneath our ankle bone. A very common fault in the clean is when we come to our toes too early, resulting in a deactivation of the glutes. We're not at max power here. Given how the loads are lighter on the primer, let's focus in on our technique even more so here.

Low-Hang Power Clean: The low-hang position is below the knee, but not touching the floor. It's essentially as far past the knee as we can go without touching the ground. What is it not, is a stiff-legged pull. As the bar crosses over our knee, bend the knees just as we would for a repetition off the floor. This position forces us to maintain stronger positions, and gives us a chance to refine our mechanics on components of the 1st pull before we go heavier in the next part.

On all sets here, let's drop from the top after each power clean. We are not looking to go touch and go here for the hang power clean to the power clean. Focusing in on our set-up position from the floor, let's start from a dead stop.



“Power Ranger”

15 Power Cleans, 600m Run 10 Power Cleans, 400m Run 5 Power Cleans, 200m Run *Rx - 155/105

If unable to run, complete:

Row – 750m, 500m, 250m

Bike – 50, 20, 10 calories

In "Power Ranger", we have a moderate barbell. We are looking for a loading that we could cycle for 15+ repetitions unbroken, if we absolutely had to. Strategy wise, we may break that barbell up once or even twice in the opening 15 reps, but it's a load that we feel very confident cycling.

Inside this workout, we want to cycle as well. Commonly, a "slightly heavier" loading such as this barbell results in fast singles. But the way this workout is set-up, it pays to aim for touch and go repetitions. Although we naturally gravitate towards whatever method could bring us our fastest time, we actually have a larger goal today - to get outside our comfort zone on the power cleans. Let’s aim for good sized sets, from start to finish.

To put a little more context behind it, let's aim for at most two breaks in the first 15 reps. In round two's 10 reps, at most a single break. And on the final 5 reps, let's aim for unbroken. In training, we have nothing to lose, everything to gain.


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