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Thursday September 5th

A. 5k run - 30 minute time cap

B. Stretching - focus is on hamstrings

We are one month out from the Brat Trot. While this may seem like a long run we are all capable of a 25-30 minute workout, the only difference here is it's a monostructual event. The intent is to get a feel of a 5k - how our quads, calvs, feet and lungs handle a longer run. This is not a 5k time trial and should be taken at an easier pace. We will do longer interval type runs the next three Thursdays leading up to the Brat Trot.

Scaling Options:

2 mile run

1.5 mile run

Who should scale:

Someone that cannot workout for more than 25 minutes continuously

Someone that cannot complete a 5k run in less than 30 minutes

Who should not scale:

Someone that doesn't like running

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