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Francisco "Paco" ROcha

The hardest part about fitness and exercise is the commitment and consistency. Much of my workouts comprised of your typical treadmill running, benching, curls, and ab crunches. I tended to plateau, get stuck in a rut, and found myself skipping the gym as things got boring. I found my fitness journey go through good and bad streaks and knew my routine needed an upgrade. I was introduced to the idea of CrossFit by my wife, who was also looking for something more exciting than your local global gym. As many, I was skeptical, and a little intimidated after Googling what CrossFit was all about. After a few months of training I was doing exercises and movements that challenged me in ways I would have never thought of doing on my own. Everyday was different, the workouts of the day were already programmed, and all I had to do was show up and give 100% effort. Although intimidated at first, a coach was always there to guide me, scale my WOD’s, and make sure I was getting the intended stimulus for that day’s workout. I couldn’t get enough. But what kept me coming back above all else was the amazing community, friends, and family I made along the way. Almost 3 years later I decided to pursue my Level 1 in efforts to encourage others to give CrossFit a try in hopes to better their lives through fitness and community.


CrossFit Level-1

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