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Support, Community, FUN.

YOUR HEALTH starts with you

But it helps to have a community that will support your journey, encourage you, and push you further than your mind lets you go. The Crossfit Burien community welcomes everyone - if you are striving to complete your first air squat or if you've been a lifelong athlete, we have a place for you.

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CrossFit Burien is my home away from home. Despite my challenging schedule their hours allow me to pick and choose which class works for me when my schedule does not. It's amazing. The coaches are absolutely wonderful and patient and I couldn't ask for better. I recommend CFB to all as there is no place like home, even if it's your gym!

"Having gone through the on ramp program the process was smooth and simple with one on one direction. I am a first timer to Crossfit and also a traveling physical therapist so the movement patterns they teach are sound and appropriate. Their direction is straight forward to assist you with your mechanics during lifts and they explain their WODs well. Lastly the later class that I go to is mixed with new comers, more experienced lifters young and older individuals both women and men. All around sound spot."

I have tried several CrossFit gyms and hands down this is the best one! The coaches care and are as vested in you reaching your potential as you are. It is a true community with a welcoming vibe. Most members are genuinely welcoming and supportive.

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