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Nicole Greene

Nicole Greene grew up in Normandy Park and was first introduced to Crossfit at Gonzaga University in 2012. She graduated with a Biology Degree in 2013 then went to test Jet-A Fuel for the SeaTac Airport, and after that she became an Environmental Analysis in Fremont. In 2019, she and her husband moved back to Normandy Park and bought their first house. After being apart of the CrossFit lifestyle for 7 years, she decided to take the Level 1 Certification and return to CrossFit Burien as a trainer. 

Outside of the gym, Nicole is a big Cosplayer as well as a Video Game nerd. If you don't see her at the gym she is probably at home building some elaborate costume or playing the newest Pokemon game. If you tell her what convention you are going to, she is probably going to the same one. If you see her at the gym she is the one wearing the crazy colorful leggings topped with a nerdy workout tank! 



CrossFit Level-1

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