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Thursday, January 25th



Teams of 2:

20 Minute AMRAP:

10 Gym Lengths Farmers Carry (70’s/53’s) *Down or Back = 1 Length

60 Calorie Row

10 Gym Lengths Farmers Carry (70’s/53’s)

75 Wall Balls (20/14)



Tabata Sit-Ups

Teams of 2 workout, with partners alternating as they see fit with one athlete working at a time. The weight on the kettlebell’s should be something that athletes could at least move two gym lengths without dropping if necessary.

On all three movements, we are looking to transition right before athletes start to slow down. Along with this timing, transitions also matter. On the farmers carry, athletes can place the weights on the ground and walk forward so the next athlete can step between them and start their work. On the rower, athletes should coordinate what side they will enter and exit before the workout begins. The wall balls are a more difficult transition, but having a similar exit/entrance plan that can pay off. On the final rep, the athlete currently on the wall can throw their ball just a little higher to allow the next athletes to take their place for their turn. Maximizing efforts while working and quick transitions will allow for the best possible scores. Count farmers carry as 1 rep.

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