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Thursday, March 1st



4 Minute EMOM:

2 Push Press @ 60-70%

4 Minute EMOM:

2 Push Jerk @ 70-75%

3 Minute EMOM:

1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk @ 75%

3 Minute EMOM:

1 Split Jerk @ 80-85%



5 Rounds:

30/25 Calorie Row

Rest 1:00 between efforts

*Score will be total time including rest

*If unable to row due to a larger class, complete the calories below on the Assault bike.

24/18 Calories

This rowing metcon should be an all out effort. If you look at this workout and think you don't want to come to the gym because "it's just rowing"... I promise you'll be wrong.


With Remaining Time Work on a Skill + Stretch/Foam Roll in Preparation for 18.2!

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