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Wednesday, March 7th



10 Minute EMOM:

Station 1 – 10 Overhead Dumbbell Squats (5/arm) (50/35 will be the recommended weight)

Station 2 – 1-3 Ring/Bar Muscle Ups

*Scale Muscle Ups for 5 Reps of the Most Challenging Gymnastics Movement you Need to Work on for Today. Try Skill Work for Either Muscle Up, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups/Pull-Ups...

We don’t know what 18.3 will bring, so don’t burn yourself out during this skill work or tear any hands!



5 Rounds: 200m Run 10 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

Looking for a slightly heavier load on the barbell today, but something that athletes could still complete for anywhere between 10+ repetitions when fresh. During the workouts, this should be something athletes will complete in either 1 or 2 sets per round.

In this couplet, confidence on the barbell will likely determine the pace on the run. If athletes are strong on the bar and know they will complete all 10 repetitions unbroken, they can strive to hold a faster pace on the run. For athletes who aren’t as confident at the barbell, slowing down the run will allow them to better maintain bigger sets every time they get to the barbell.

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