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Wednesday, May 23rd



Every 90 Seconds for 7 Sets:

Build to a Heavy Complex for the Day 3-Position Power Clean + Split Jerk

*The three position clean is one clean from the pockets, one clean one inch above the knee, and one clean the floor. This is a complex…so don’t let go of the bar!



3 Rounds: 10 Clean and Jerks (135/95) 400 Meter Run

Athletes will have an opportunity to refine their positions on the clean and practice the split jerk before completing the metcon. The three positions are from the pockets, one inch above the knee, and the floor. While the split jerk will be used in the complex, push jerks will likely be the best option within the metcon. The clean and jerks within the metcon should be a weight that athletes could complete 10+ unbroken repetitions when fresh.

If unable to run, complete one of the following:

500 Meter Row 28/20 Calorie Assault Bike

In workouts that last more than a few minutes, pacing and strategy does make a significant difference in improving times. In roughly a ten minute workout, barbell strategies will differ, but one thing can remain the same. That is limiting the amount of time not moving. It is ok if athletes choose to do singles on the barbell, but they can aim to complete a fast set of ten singles. If they decide to chip away at the barbell in sets, we want to make sure the time between sets is minimal. This short rest also applies to transitions from the run to the barbell. On the runs, athletes can move at a pace that allows them to maintain their plan on the barbell once back inside. With the workout ending on a run, they can look to make their last one their best effort of the three.

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