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Thursday, May 24th



3 Rounds: 3:00 Calorie Row 2:00 Calorie Schwinn Bike 1:00 Sit-Ups Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Athletes will work for 6 minutes straight before resting for 2 minutes. Their score is total reps across all rounds. If it applies start Group 2 on the 4:00.

On both machines, pick a speed and try to hold it for the whole duration. Athletes can aim to hold controlled, but powerful strokes for three minutes straight. This will allow them to approach the bike with a slightly lower heart rate than if they held fast, erratic strokes. Although there is less time on the bike, it is easier to accumulate calories on the Schwinn Bike than it is on the rower. Still being able to push the pace here will be important. Athletes will be able to move fairly quickly on sit-ups to finish it out, as they are less metabolic and there is rest to come. This is just more motivation to power through on the two machines. During rest periods, athletes can write scores up on somewhere. Score will be total reps added across the three rounds.


Stretch/Foam Roll or Work on a Movement for the Remainder of Class Time

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