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Wednesday, May 30th



Squat Snatch

On the Minute x 9 – 2 Repetitions Minute 1 – 60% Minute 2 – 65% Minute 3 – 70% Repeat this cycle (2) additional times


METCON: For Time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Clean and Jerks (115/80) 30 Double Unders After Each Set

Athletes should choose a weight on the bar today that they are capable of completing 15+ unbroken clean and jerks when fresh. Within the workout, this should also be a weight that allows them to cycle the barbell for multiple repetitions each set. Following the clean and jerks, athletes will complete double unders or a double under variation. This equals a total of 300 repetitions if done prescribed. If this is a large cumulative number for athletes, we can think about brining the number down after each set, or competing 60 single unders.

This metcon is a heavily front loaded workout on the clean and jerk side, with nearly half the repetitions being completed just in the sets of 10, 9, and 8. With that being said, the clean and jerks will be the more important movement early on, with the double unders serving as more of a speed bump. Athletes have the option to string together 2-3 sets on the barbell, or to go with very fast single repetitions. Knowing the clean and jerks are more important than the rope early on, pushing these a little more might be the better option. As the workout progresses and the reps on the clean and jerks go down, the double unders become more significant. Single repetitions on the barbell later on may allow athletes to transition to the rope quicker and have more success completing the 30 repetitions with minimal problems. Athletes should make sure that their ropes are placed neatly on the group following the clean and jerks to allow for an easy transition when they need it to be.

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