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Thursday, June 28th



3 Rounds For Time: 15-10-5 Row Calories Bike Calories

200 Meter Farmer’s Carry (53/35)

In between three rounds of row and bike calories, athletes will carry a pair of kettlebell’s by their sides for 200 meters. This should be a weight that they could complete the 200 meters broken when fresh. Within the workout, taking 2-3 short breaks is appropriate.

Stagger by 5-7 minutes if short on equipment.

While the Farmer’s Carries in todays workout present their own challenge, it is vastly different from that of the machines. The row and the bike are more taxing on the lungs, while the kettlebell’s will fatigue the shoulders and grip more. This minimal interference means that athletes can afford to push both stations without one negatively effecting the other too much. On the Farmer’s Carry, taking a couple really short breaks will preserve the grip for the remainder of the carries and the row. When the bells are in hands, there can be a sense of urgency about moving quickly to reduce time under tension.


Roll Out/Stretch for the Remainder of Class

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