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Tuesday, July 17th



Take 15-20 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Front Squat Single for the Day *Baseline Testing



5 Rounds: 1 Minute Double Front Rack Reverse Lunges (50/35) 1 Minute Double Unders 1 Minute Calorie Bike 1 Minute Rest

In a “Fight Gone Bad” style workout, athletes will work for three minutes before resting for one. During each rest period athletes will record their score for that round, keeping a running count for each movement. The final score is total reps across the five rounds. The weight on the dumbbells should be something that athletes could lunge for 20+ repetitions total without having to put the dumbbells down.

To start off each round, athletes will face the dumbbells. The aim here can be to hold on for 40-45 seconds of step back lunges. It is better to try and stick it out for a big set and have the time to transition to the rope than to go two sets and have a slower transition to the next movement. The rope is the “money maker” of the three. It is here that athletes are able to rack up the most repetitions possible. Keeping the rope spinning for the full minute ensures the most work gets done. Even if transition is a little bit slower here, it is easier to get one more double under than it is to get one more calorie on the bike. Finishing things out with a minute on the bike. There is little to no skill or technique involved here, so the only focus is a solid effort before a minute of rest.

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