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Wednesday, August 1st



10 Minute EMOM: Odd Minute: 15/12 Calorie Row Even Minute: 15 Burpees

*Max score for today will be 10. You will have a score for every minute completed.



3 Sets:

8 Sumo Deadlift 20 Band Pull Aparts

12 Romanian Deadlift

12 Dumbbell Row (6/side)

Athletes will alternate back and forth between calories on the rower and burpees. They will have the whole first minute to complete a 15/12 calorie row, resting until the top of the next minute. They will then have the whole next minute to complete 15 burpees. These numbers are meant to be challenging, but ideally something that athletes can complete between 45-50 seconds each round. Some modification options would be to bring the rep numbers down to somewhere between 10-15, to make each minute :45 seconds on and :15 seconds off, or to bring down the total number of rounds. It is better to pick a modification from the beginning and stick to it than it is to modify in the middle of the workout.

Finding a steady pace to stick to for the majority of this workout is the name of the game. The difficulty will undoubtedly increase in the later rounds, but being able to stay calm and keep the heart rate down in the earlier rounds will better guarantee success in the second half of this thirty minute effort. Quick transitions to and from the rower gain back precious seconds and allow athletes to work for the full minute each round. Fast is smooth, smooth is fast.

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