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Saturday, August 11th

METCON: 4 Rounds: 400 Meter Run 20 Pull-ups 30 Push-ups 40 AbMat Sit-Ups 50 Air Squats

If unable to run, complete:

500/400m Row

Performing a variation of the CrossFit Benchmark “Barbara” today, adding a run and removing one round and the rest between rounds. With this being a longer workout, we want to ensure that we are athletes are completing the appropriate volume. Bringing down the total number of rounds to 3 or reducing the reps are options to tailor this workout to specific individuals.

On the pull-ups and the push-ups, smaller is better. While the numbers are not too big in any individual round, the total volume can add up to be quite difficult. Sets of 3-5 are recommended for those who are slightly concerned about the overall number of reps in the workout. Small, consistent sets help delay the muscular fatigue that is inevitable. These will feel different for everyone. A good rule of thumb is to break well before hitting a wall.

It is unlikely that athletes will have to stop on the runs, sit-ups and squats. Following the upper body movements, athletes can find a moderately aggressive pace on the sit-ups and squats that they can maintain for all 40 and 50 reps respectively. There is typically rest in “Barbara”, but not in “Barbed Wire”. Knowing we just moved with a purpose on the previous two movements and knowing the following two movements will present a good challenge, the run can be taken as a slight recovery. Looking to move forward at a consistent pace here that allows athletes to thrive on the pull-ups and push-ups.

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