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Friday, August 17th



Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets, Deadlift

Building to a Heavy Set of 10 for the Day



3 Rounds: 20 Deadlifts (135/95) 15/10 Calorie Assault Bike

10 Reverse Lunges (135/95) 20 Hang Dumbbell Clean & Jerks (50/35) *Alt. Arms Every 5 Reps

If short on bikes, stagger by 2 minutes to prevent backup at the machines.

The deadlift is the main focus of this two part workout. Athletes will venture a bit further than the usual 1-5 reps, building to a heavy set of 10. As always, “heavy” does not mean 10RM and prioritizes sound movement over weight on the barbell. The weight on the deadlift and the dumbbells within the workout should be relatively light, something that athletes could move for 20+ unbroken repetitions when fresh.

Setting ourselves up to thrive in round two today. With the weights being on the lighter side in today’s workout, athletes are capable of holding on for large sets in round one. However, what’s more impressive and what leads to better times and more fitness is being able to hold on to the same rep scheme and relatively the same split going into the second round. It is very common to see a quick first round, followed by a slower second round and a little kick at the end of the third. Today, lets aim for a steady pace on the first two and a half rounds and a sprint through the second half of the last round. Breaking the deadlifts into 2 quick sets should allow for consistency across the first half and possibly allow athletes to hold on for the last 20 reps of each at the end of the workout.

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