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Monday, November 19th


STAMINA SQUATING: Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): Odd Minutes - 3 Front Squats Even Minutes - 6 Back Squats Both lifts are performed with the same load: 61% of our estimated 1RM Front squat.

This is the third iteration, increasing by 3% from last week.

Building stamina in the heart of our athletic capacity - our squat.

A tremendous 1RM is something we naturally will track towards. But we recognize, most especially in our sport, the ability to cycle loadings for repetitions is a far larger battle to fight for. One is not complete without the other. And if we had to choose, given the nature of our sport where repetition capacity is seen in 90% of our events (if not more), we recognize the importance of building the Workhorse.

We'll be growing steadily over this cycle each week, building towards a finishing 70%.




For Time:

1,000m Row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-Ups

The 1,000 Meter row to start “Jackie” is important, but by far the least valuable of all three movements. This effort is our “buy-in” to the separators in the workout, the thrusters and pull-ups.

It should almost feel as if you are rowing too conservatively. That is actually the goal. The bigger focus is to place our effort on the following two movements, the thrusters and pull-ups. A single extra break on the thrusters, negates any time we gain by pushing the row. In our minds, think of how much effort it takes to row 5 seconds faster in a 500m. Now think how much effort it takes to sprint, instead of slowly transition, to our barbell coming off the rower. That is a difference of five seconds, if not more. To optimize our time today, we want to apply our efforts in other places than on the pace of the row.

When you approach the barbell to start the thrusters, we aren’t approaching for 50. We are approaching for 10. Here’s the thing… mentally, if we are approaching the bar thinking 50 repetitions, we are thinking too far ahead. This daunting number will in turn subconsciously slow us down. We may hesitate, move slower than we want to, and will constantly be thinking after the first few repetitions, “can I go straight? will I go straight?”. Instead of forecasting, stay in the moment. Focus on micro-goals. I’m just going to do 10 reps. When I reach 10, I’ll reassess. Still feeling good? Going to 20 repetitions now. Re-assess, going to 30. Repeating this process keeps us in the moment, focusing us on what’s truly important – the current repetition, not the end state.

These thrusters do not need to be unbroken. If we must break, place the bar on the ground, and rest for just enough time to allow for five more thrusters. If we again start to think of how many we have left, whether it is 25, 15, or any amount of repetitions, our break will be significantly longer. As soon as you believe you can do five more repetitions, pick the bar back up.

Following your thrusters, are the pull-ups. This will vary dramatically depending on the individual, but the focus is this – an efficient kip. At this point in the workout, expect our shoulders and legs to be fatigued, naturally. That makes it all the more important to dial in your kip from the very first repetition. Commonly, our mid-line becomes lazy when we are tired – fire it on, and focus on your movement to finish these final 30 repetitions


OPTIONAL MIDLINE: (if time allows)

8 Minute AMRAP: AbMat Sit-Ups At the start of the workout, and every minute on the minute there after: 25 Double Unders *Score is total AbMat Sit-Ups throughout the eight minute time cap.

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