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Tuesday, November 20th



1 Set: Max Effort Handstand Push-Ups


8 Minute EMOM:

Odd Minutes: 40% of the Max Set of HSPU

Even Minutes: 6 Tempo Ring Rows

*Tempo Ring Row = Pull rings to the out side of the chest followed by a 4 second negative back to the starting position.

On the handstand pushups, we are completing 40% of the max we set today. As an example, if we complete 10 strict handstand pushups in the max effort attempt, we will be completing 4 handstand pushups per round.

On the tempo ring rows, elevate the feet with a box that is just about in line with the bottom of the rings when they hang. Starting at full extension, suck in our belly button to pull our shoulders back into an active position. We want to maintain a proper hollow body throughout, which is often missed in the ring row. Pull the rings to the outsides of our chest, followed by a 4-second negative back to the starting position for a single repetition.



“Rush Hour”

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds: 12/9 Calorie Assault Bike 9 Barbell Facing Burpees 6 Power Snatches (135/95)

Equipment Modifications: If we are using a rower today due to class size, complete 15/12 calories per round.

In "Rush Hour" we have 5 x 4:00 windows that start on the 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, and 16:00. Inside of these windows at each start, we'll complete the work above. We are looking to have our athletes finish in the rough area of two minutes per round. This will naturally vary between athletes.

Stimulus wise, we have a moderately heavy barbell at the end of each set - the 6 power snatches. We are looking for a load that we could cycle for 9+ repetitions when completely fresh. On the challenging side, but one that we are very confident we could complete in sets throughout the workout if we had to. Singles at a point inside this workout is by no means the wrong approach - but we want the barbell to be manageable enough so that we simply aren't forced to.

Today is a great opportunity to push the bike. To capitalize on the exponential accumulation of calories. Recognizing that our rest is going to be limited between rounds, it is not an all-out sprint, but let's get outside out comfort zone here, reminding ourselves that we are in training. We'd rather make a mistake here by pushing a bit too hard on the bike, than not hard enough.

On the barbell-facing burpees, a smooth, methodical pace is our aim. We are looking for an immediate transition to the barbell, so being a touch conservative on our pacing here to allow that will be important. If we see ourselves struggling some on the barbell loading, we want to pace these a little more. If we are very strong on the barbell, we can push our intensity here.

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