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Friday, November 23rd

**Class Schedule**

All morning classes are cancelled today.  There will be a 12:00 class and open gym from 4:30-6:30.


STAMINA SQUATTING: Alternating "On the Minute" x 12 (6 Rounds): Odd Minutes - 1 Front Squat Even Minutes - 3 Back Squats *Both lifts are performed with the same load: 76% of our estimated 1RM Front Squat. In week 3 of our stamina squatting, we are increasing 3% from last week's efforts.



15 Minute AMRAP: 60 Double Unders (120 Singles) 30 Wallballs (20/14)  15 Pull-Ups

On the double unders, our focus here is to stay relaxed. Before every set (of course with the exception being the first), allow yourself a small composure pause before each set. An extra 3 seconds before starting a set can be all the difference for many, providing a brief moment of composure and focus before starting. If we find ourselves tripping repeatedly, take another composure pause – identify what is causing the trip, relax your shoulders, think of an actionable cue to get us back on track, and execute when ready. A trip, followed by an immediate DU attempt, all too often results in another trip. Patience here is a virtue.

Management of the wall balls in this workout is an important factor we want to address. Such a movement can tax athletes heavily if we bite off aggressive sets from the onset of the workout, whereas a breakup strategy from the start can optimize their efforts. Just because we “can” do 30 wallballs straight doesn’t mean we should today. Controlled sets here moderates our heart rate to preserve our efforts in throughout the 15:00 window. From a macro level, let’s visualize ourselves in the 3rd rounds of this workout. How would we be breaking up the wallballs? If our answer is 3 x 10, which is a good option for many, let’s open up our first round in the same style. Turn into a systematical machine on the WB’s. A set of 10, with a controlled rest between every set.

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