Saturday, December 1st

December 1, 2018



Every 90 Seconds, Deadlift 3 Reps

Sets 1-3 – 76%

Sets 4-6 – 81%

Sets 7-9 – 86%

This is a build from last week, increasing each set by 2%.

Not meant to be towards max effort, and intended to be short breaks between sets. If able, complete as touch and go repetitions throughout, moving through this piece with a purpose. We will be building on these nine sets over the coming weeks.




For Time:
200 Meter Run,  30 Power Snatches 
200 Meter Run, 30 Box Jumps 
200 Meter Run, 30 Thrusters 
200 Meter Run, 15 Power Snatches 
200 Meter Run, 15 Box Jumps 
200 Meter Run, 15 Thrusters 

*Barbell (75/55)


If unable to run:

Row 300m

Bike 10 Calories


The 200 meter runs absolutely matter, but the majority of our effort will be the power snatches, box jumps, and thrusters. As soon as we clear the 30 thrusters however, the emphasis flips - it's now a running workout.


Strategy wise, we do not need to move unbroken on the sets of 30's. If anything, we want to hold a gear in reserve here, so that on the final three rounds we can move faster.Most especially in running, we tend to lose speed towards the middle part of the workout. In today's effort, when we start that fourth 200 meter run (at the halfway point of the rounds), let's aim to do the opposite - move one step faster than before, well knowing that the work inside the gym is manageable and can be completed unbroken



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