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Tuesday, December 18th


GYMNASTICS: Every 2 Minutes for 2 Rounds: 40% Max Ring Muscle-Ups + 50 Double Unders (2:1 singles) 30% Max Ring Muscle-Ups + 50 Double Unders 20% Max Ring Muscle-Ups

Percentage based off estimated Max Ring Muscle-Ups

*Scale muscle-ups to hardest gymnastic movement you can do

Intentions here are to complete the percentages unbroken each time on the rings.

If we do not have ring muscle-ups just yet (or are working on our consistency), a specific drill to you is always a strong option as is the strict banded ring MU, focusing on building strength in the unique range of motion of the movement. 

Volume wise, with any drill, we aren't looking to ever go to "failure", but rather a challenging amount that we can sustain for all sets and rounds. As an example, 5 repetitions on the band each set is a good repetition count here allowing us to put in repetitions for practice, but not so much that we lose our technique.



15 Minute AMRAP: 27/18 Calorie Assault Bike 21 Sit-Ups 15 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups FB Option– Add 9 D-Ball Over the Shoulder (100/70)

Equipment Modifications: If we do not have access to an assault bike today, complete as 30/21 calories per round.

The bike becomes our pace setter. Looking ahead towards the following movements, we know we can push our pace here just slightly with the sit-up next. Although a movement that will absolutely challenge us, the is not a highly metabolic effort. We can lean into the bike some here knowing we'll be able to regulate our breathing on the next station.

On the pull-ups, our focus here will be on using our hips. 

Lastly, on the d-ball over the shoulder, we are using this odd-object today for variance to our training. Coming off the pull-ups, we can expect our pull to be somewhat taxed. So getting a sound grip on the bag is a wise move, despite it being only nine repetitions. Generally speaking, there are two "grips" on the bag (or DBall). Reaching down and grabbing the bag (placing most of the weight in the fingers), or getting the bag to our forearms. Naturally, less grip intensive in the latter. To do so, simply rock the bag the left and right 2-3 times as we wedge our hands further and further beneath, where we'll find the weight shifting from hand, to forearm.

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