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Thursday, December 27th



Every 90 Seconds for 5 Sets

5 Overhead Squats All repetitions are taken from the rack. We are not looking for an all-time five-rep max, but a heavy five-rep for the day.



12 Minute AMRAP: 10 Handstand Pushups (FB – Strict HSPU) 10 Overhead Squats (95/65) 10 Strict Pull-Ups

If we have 10+ unbroken HSPU, complete this workout as Rx on the HSPU. If we have 6-9 unbroken HSPU, modify to 4 reps per round. If we have 3-5 unbroken HSPU, modify to 3 reps per round, Following that, modifying with each pike pushups (to find a full range of motion) or seated dumbbell strict presses both fit very well, both at 5 repetitions per round at a challenging difficulty that allows somewhere between 7-10 unbroken reps if we were to try.

On the barbell, we are looking for a light to moderate load that we very comfortable cycle overhead for repetitions. A loading that we could complete 21+ repetitions on the overhead squat with.

Looking at the workout at a whole, the combination of the handstand pushup and the overhead squat will prove to be the challenge. Both being shoulder-intensive movements, they will inevitably impact each other. However, we can mitigate excessive fatigue by paying due diligence towards our positioning on the OHS.

Although a lighter load, we want to move at our best here. Once our shoulders become excessively fatigued, there isn't much we can do to with our strict handstand pushups. We move into a reactive state, and we have to wait until our strength comes back. We can greatly preserve this pressing power if we pretend this overhead squat barbell is twice is heavy, finding sound external rotation and focusing on an upright torso. Lastly - let's consider time under tension. Knowing that the limiting factor inside this workout will likely be our strict handstand pushups, it's better to rest for an extra handful of breaths to complete these repetitions overhead quickly once the bar is in position, rather than holding the bar overhead in the standing position for extra seconds.



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