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Tuesday, January 29th



For Time: 25-20-15-10-5: Box Jump Overs (24/20) Toes to Bar

Directly into…

5-10-15-20-25: Hang Power Snatch (75/55) Wallballs (20/14)

With the first couplet being comprised of two gymnastic movements, our second is comprised of two weightlifting movements.

Stamina building is our theme inside "Layup" today. The repetition count climbs high, most specifically, on a single movement that can fatigue and slow quickly on us - the toes to bar. Although we start the workout off with this couplet, where we are fresh moving into so, the first rounds still must be strategically paced. Breaking the first set purposefully early is a wise move with the larger picture in mind. Although our second couplet is two completely different movements, they are still heavy on demand on our shoulders. Without proper pacing here, we can significantly impact our second couplet purely through excessive fatigue up top on the shoulders.

In order to pace our toes to bar, being methodical on the box jump overs can help us in the process. Finding a reserved, but consistent pace, will buy us time away from the pull-up bar. We could push our pace here, but it only returns us back to the TTB sooner. A slightly reserved pace can pay off in controlling both our met-con, and affording a chance for our shoulders to recover.

By strategically moving through the first gymnastic couplet, we can set ourselves up well for the second… the hang power snatches and wallballs. Here, it's more along the lines of grunt work. Simple work capacity, digging through repetitions. Thoughtfulness is absolutely necessary here, with planned breaks as we see fit, yet, by the time the two movements catch up with us… we're likely inside the round of 20's. Two large sets remain, but the end is very near.

Moving back to the larger picture - let's again aim to pace the front half, so that we can push our efforts in the second half. Transitions absolutely matter - with a total just short of 20 transitions. These play a role in the second couplet significantly more than the first, as fatigue has set in. 2-3 additional seconds can slide by without even noticing, if we aren't diligent with our efforts here.



3 Supersets: :30s Kettlebell Front Squat Hold *video below 10 KB/DB Bent Over Rows (each side) *video below 50 Banded Pull-Aparts

On the KB Front Squat Holds, we are looking to find the bottom of our squat with two KB's held in the front rack position. Loading is less important than positioning here.

  • Heels down

  • Active Hips and Midline

Pull torso taller, taller, and taller. Constantly work for a better position.

Athlete's choice on the loading here, where we can build across the three rounds.

Following, we have 10 bent over rows on each side. These are unilateral rows, or one side at a time. Using a box or bench as support, we are looking to get our torso 45-90 degrees in relation to the ground as we row our knuckles to the upper rib cage.

Lastly, 50 banded pull-aparts, where we want to focus on keeping the traps down. Often, we will find ourselves shrugging up in the movement. Push our scaps down, imagining tucking them into our back pockets, and row straight out to the sides at 90 degrees. At the very end of the range of the range of motion, we can turn out thumbs to point slightly behind us, accentuating external rotation in the shoulder. Choose a band tension that allows us to complete all 3 sets with at most one break per.



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