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Saturday, February 2nd


For Time: 1 Mile Run 30 Pull-Ups 50 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

If unable to run, complete:

120/90 Calorie Bike 2,000/1,600 Meter Row

Stimulus wise, we are looking for our "Grace" weight, or a power clean and jerk barbell load that we are very confident we could complete 10+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh.

A "CrossFit sprint triathlon" of sorts, we will need to space our efforts across the three stations to find our best finish. There isn't a "pacer" per say in this workout, but rather a steady, consistent effort across the entirety.

On the mile run, to speak to that tune, we are looking to move at a pace that we would likely aim for in a 5K run. By no means an "easy" pace to hold, but it allows a run directly to the rope inside the gym for our first climb, without hesitation.

On the 50 clean and jerks, individual capacity on the barbell will vary, but for the large majority - fast singles may very well be our best approach. Years ago at the Games, the final event for individuals was "Double Grace" (60 reps), following a rope climb "buy-in". Every single athlete on the floor quickly moved to fast singles, as it the fastest, sustainable speed over the repetitions.

A temptation inside these 50 reps will be come out with very quick sets, as this is the final station of the workout. Despite the finish line being near, let's open these first 10 repetitions with an additional second or two between repetitions than we think we need. The separation won't take place in the first 10 repetitions, but rather once we pass the halfway mark. The second half of the 50 repetitions is where most athletes will fall off their pace they opened with - let's aim to make our move there. Start these 50 with a slight reserve, and aim to beat you "first 25 rep time" in the second half.

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