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Thursday, February 14th



For Time: 50 Double Unders, Gym Length HS Walk, 50 Sit-Ups, Gym Length HS Walk 40 Double Unders, HSW, 40 Sit-Ups, HSW 30 Double Unders, HSW, 30 Sit-Ups, HSW 20 Double Unders, HSW, 20 Sit-Ups, HSW 10 Double Unders, HSW, 10 Sit-Ups, HSW

A classical benchmark, "Annie", with handstand walking between each movement.




3 Giant Sets: 20 Single Arm Dumbbell Presses 20 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows 10 Front Rack Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 10 Hang Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

On the single arm dumbbell presses, this is completed with two dumbbells in the front rack position. Alternate presses (left, right), for a total of 10 repetitions each side (20 total).

On the dumbbell bent over rows, prop ourselves onto a bench, holding a single dumbbell with the working arm. Similar to above, 10 repetitions each side for 20 total.

Last is our lunges - first 10 repetitions (or 5 each side), is completed with both weights in the front rack. Second 10 repetitions is held at the hang.

Free to build in loading over the three sets, and we are allowed to use different dumbbell weights for different exercises. But let's keep the "giant" set mentality in line here, moving from station to station with a purpose. Rest as needed between sets.



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