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Saturday, February 23rd



On the 2:00 x 6 Sets: 2 Split Jerks

*After each set, complete 40 Double Unders

Percentages: Set #1 - 75% of current 1RM Split Jerk Set #2 - 78% Sets #3-6 - Build to a heavy double for the day.

Climbing to a heavy set of two repetitions, with a refinement-based set of double-unders, purely for familiarity, in between complexes. All jerks are taken from the rack.

Recognizing that this combination is fairly shoulder intensive, let's err slightly on the conservative side with our jerks if we are torn between going heavier, or holding at moderate loads. Let's train the couplet here, and move well on the jerks. Heavy, but not near max effort.



Teams of 3:

30 Minute Time Cap 150/100 Calorie Assault Bike 70 Power C&J (135/95), 70 Toes to Bar 50 Power C&J (155/105), 50 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 30 Power C&J (185/125), 30 Bar Muscle-Ups 150/100 Calorie Assault Bike

Stimulus wise, we are looking to finish with a load that all three teammates could cycle for 4+ touch and go repetitions. A heavier load, and one that we may be holding singles on during the actual workout execution, but on the manageable side. Our aim today is not to crush ourselves, but to rather keep our movements refined and ready for what may come in the following weeks.

For another vantage point on the barbell: Weight #1 - A load all teammates could complete 12+ repetitions unbroken with. Weight #2 - A load all teammates could complete 8+ repetitions unbroken with. Weight #3 - A load all teammates could complete 4+ repetitions unbroken with.

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