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Wednesday, March 13th

Back Pause Squat 1 Pausing Repetition (3 second hold in bottom)
*Sets 1-2 - 70% 1RM Back Squat *Sets 3-4 - 73% *Sets 5-7 - 76%



On Wednesday's, we'll lead into the Open with an "On the Minute" primer. The intention here is to control our intensity and volume, while bringing about a strong active recovery feel. It's aim is to refine our engine and movements patterns.

On The 2:00 x 3 Rounds (18:00): A) 15/12 Calorie Row, 7 Power Snatches, 7 Overhead Squats B) 15/12 Calorie Row, 15 Sit-Ups C) 15/12 Calorie Row, 7 Thrusters, 7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups **Barbell - 95/65

Although a row is written, athlete's choice to row 15/12 calories, bike 15/12 calories, or run 200m. We are looking for a light metabolic demand, resulting in the following repetitions being of more benefit to us. As written, the aim here is not to excessively tax ourselves, but to prime these movement patterns and stamina pathways.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that we are very confident we could cycle for 25+ repetitions on any given movement here. Light load, and focused on technique. For all stations, we need to be completed by the 1:30 mark. If we exceed that time limit at all, let's scale back the volume or the loading to ensure we stay within those parameters. We want the rest to make sure we are not turning this into full AMRAP of sorts.

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