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Thursday, March 28th

Yes, there is A LOT of running today! Don't be a WOD dodger, because we will know who you are and we won't let you live it down. This is time to work on weaknesses and for most people that's running and/or cardio endurance. Bring your running shoes and headphones if that will help you get through this workout today.

If this is EXTREMELY too much volume for you please talk to your coach. They will be able to help advise a scaled option so you can manage this workout for your fitness level.


Moving into a lower intensity, longer, classical "sweat-fest" for our active recovery. 3 Rounds, Not for Time: 800m Run 20 Calorie Bike (or 35 Calorie Row) 400m Run with Medicine Ball (20/14) 30 Calorie Row Not for intensity, but at a conversational pace.

If unable to run, complete:

800m Run = 40 Calorie Bike or 1,000m Row

400m Run = 20 Calorie Bike or 500m Row

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