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Wednesday, April 10th

Building upon last week, we'll be adding loads to our overhead work. This will lead us into our conditioning for the day, and a classic metcon "Heartbreak Kid".



Every 90 Seconds for 4 Sets:
Push Press 6 Reps 73, 75, 77, 79% Percentages based on your estimated 1RM Push Press.  Building upon last week's percentages. 


METCON: “Heartbreak Kid”

3 Rounds: 10 Front Squats (185/135) 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 50 Double-Unders (150 singles)

For the majority of us, this becomes C2B pull-up workout. The stimulus for the front squat is heavy, but a loading we can complete that first round of 10 repetitions unbroken, if we had to. Strategy wise, we can allow ourselves a single break on the front squats per round. If we require 2 or more breaks per every set of 10, we are a bit too heavy for the day, and will want to reduce the weight to fall within the single break parameter. We actually want this to be a C2B workout.

There has been, in many years of the Open, a workout demands higher volume C2B pull-ups. And it puts athletes to a point where they must grind through the repetitions, in smaller sets. We actually want to capture that today. There are days where we want to choose a repetition scheme that allows us to move past the movement just before the point where we need the break. And then there are days where we want to grind through, repetition by repetition.

Managing these repetitions will be crucial in finding our best time. Just because we can do 20 straight repetitions does not mean that we should - view this as 60 C2B for time. We need to avoid the slow singles that inherently occur when we push too aggressively early with our sets. View how you break up the third round given the fatigue. Mirroring that break up strategy in your first round is a good start when thinking through our best approach for today's workout.

With that said, modifying this workout to match that stimulus, but not over-reaching, is very important.

If we have 15+ unbroken C2B Pull-Ups, let's complete this workout as Rx. If we have 10-14 unbroken C2B Pull-ups, let's complete this workout with 15 repetitions. If we have less than 10 unbroken C2B Pull-Ups, let's complete this workout with 10 repetitions per round.

The last portion to look towards is the double-unders. Staying composed here is the focus. It is worth the additional five seconds of rest if it allows you a large set to open up with. The goal isn't to sprint through these, but rather to minimize trips. It is good to expect adversity here on the rope after coming off a large set of pull-ups… our forearms and grip will be fatigued. Hence why the brief composure pause can allow us to move in fluidly into our first set of repetitions.

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