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Tuesday, April 16th

1. A three-part workout as our training today, starting every 10:00. Time remaining after completion is rest. On the 0:00... Weights: "Grace" (30 C&J for time) On the 10:00... Gymnastics: 30 Handstand Push-Ups + 30 Bar Muscle Ups On the 20:00... Monostructural 1 Mile Run


Accessory work to finish.



“Tres Leches”

On the 0:00-10:00… 30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

On the 10:00-20:00… 30 Handstand Push-Ups 30 Bar Muscle-Ups

On the 20:00-completion… 1 Mile Run

If we are unable to run today, complete:

2,000/1,600m Row

On parts #1 and #2, we have an 8:00 time cap for completion. This allows at a minimum, 2 minutes of rest before moving on to the following part.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for our "Grace" weight. That is, a weight we are very confident we could complete 10+ reps with unbroken. In the second part, we are looking to complete as Rx if we have 15+ unbroken kipping HSPU and 9+ unbroken Bar MU. If we do not, let's modify the repetitions so that we have a target to finish. Take your unbroken repetitions and multiply that by 2, which will be a good starting point for planning purposes.



Not for Time

1-2 Rounds: 30 Glute Bridges 40 AbMat Sit-Ups

50 Band Pull-Aparts

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