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Friday, April 19th

1. Overhead work to start our Friday. First on our hands in some handstand walking practice, followed by our weekly build on the barbell. 2. To follow, a 3 “round for time” conditioning metcon.



Every 90 Seconds:
Push Press 4x6 76%, 78%, 80%, 83% Percentages based on your estimated 1RM Push Press. Third and final week with this specific repetition scheme, adding 3% from last week.



3 Rounds: 24 Push-Ups 21 Wallballs (20/14) 18 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches (50/35) 15 Pull-Ups

All repetitions and loads are intended to be on the manageable side, where the stimulus calls for each set to be completed with at most, one break. Applying this to the wallballs and dumbbell snatches, what we are creating here is a metabolic finish to our day where it's less about if we can find large sets, and more about, how fast we move on the repetitions and transitions.

On the row, this is our pacer of the workout. We by all means want to maintain intensity here, but the first items we need to dial in is our transitions and sets on the wallballs and dumbbell snatches. If we find ourselves breaking here, we are highly likely losing any time gained by pushing the row.

On these wallballs and snatches, our aim here is fluid methodical movement. With the intentions again being that we complete these sets with at most a single break, it is our aim to push our efforts here with quick transitions large sets.

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