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Monday, May 13th

De-load Week. Week #7 of "Grunt Work" in our mid-cycle back off week. Following, we'll have a total of five additional weeks inside this current cycle, building upon the base built in the opening 6. Volume is reduced significantly, for a specific reason - weights take a toll. In "Grunt Work", we have a larger emphasis on weights, whether it be percentage builds on the major compound movements, or Body Armor finishers. This requires a necessary reload with the larger picture in mind. Reducing volume to the tune of ~50% this week, this will buy us the well-deserved recovery so that we can continue the push ahead. Extra time spent on mobility or light skill work is great. But, let's avoid adding additional volume on top, as our last five weeks will be more challenging than the first six. Let's rest up.



Every 90 Seconds for 6 Sets: 2 Reps of a 3-Pause Power Clean - *video below

Set 1 - 60% Set 2 - 65% Sets 3-6 - Build to a heavy set for the day

Each pause lasts 2 seconds Pause 1 - Knee Level Pause 2 - Jumping Position Pause 3 - Receiving Position




3 Rounds: 15 Power Cleans (115/85) 20 Push-Ups

2 Rounds: 27/21 Calorie Row 75 Double Unders (150 singles)

1 Round: 50/35 Calorie Bike

These three parts are all for time. Moving directly from the completion of the first part into the second, and then into the third, we will have a single time to record.

These workouts can often be challenging to pace. Largely in part because they are simply different. We know AMRAP's, we know how to pace a 3 round effort, 5 round, 7 round. But the transitioning workout challenge our pacing, which is why we are integrating this scheme in today.

We aren't moving into the initial 3 round triplet with reservation, but instead entering it with the larger picture in mind. It's not about going slow, but instead about taking the whole effort and finding a pace that we never have to slow down on.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a light power clean barbell weight. One that we are confident we could cycle for 25+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh.


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