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Monday, May 20th

Back to full speed, in Week 8 of "Grunt Work". A barbell-intensive Monday to start our week.

1 Starting with Back Squat Waves, we'll build through (6) sets total, moving towards a heavy triple and a heavy single. We'll be building upon these percentages in the next three weeks. Squat 2. A conditioning metcon of intervals, combining air squats, rowing, and moderate power snatches.



Every 2 Minutes for 6 Sets:

Back Squat 3 x @ 75% 1 x @ 85% 3 x @ 78% 1 x @ 88% 3 x @ 81% 1 x @ 91% For the next three weeks, we will be building inside this specific wave scheme, building in percentages.



“Hot Air”

On the 5:00 x 5: 30 Air Squats 20/15 Calorie Row 7 Power Snatches (115/85)

In "Hot Air", we are looking for a moderate snatch barbell. A loading that we are confident we could "touch and go" for 12+ reps unbroken, when fresh. Inside the workout, being an interval effort, we want to capture this specific stimulus. We do not need to complete these as touch and go reps, but if we had to in round one and two, we are very confident we could find it unbroken.

For round times, we are aiming to place ourselves in the ballpark range of 2:30, of half of the interval. This will naturally vary amongst athletes, with the take home message being… we absolutely want the rest that follows. If we are moving towards a completion time of 3:30 in the earlier rounds, we won't be able to sustain the level of intensity we are aiming for.

Pacing wise, we want to move outside our comfort zone on the opening air squats and row calories. The training value in this effort is truly getting to the power snatch barbell fatigued. Being able to cycle the barbell with lactic in the legs and a higher heart rate is what we are after. And although we are always looking to use the clock to our advantage, today is a day where are placing less emphasis on it. Although perfectly even splits are the common goal, today it is truly a chance to become comfortable, being uncomfortable.

A micro-goal for today's effort could be to push our pace on the squats and rowing calories to a point that leaves us a little worried about how the snatches will go (this is a good thing for today. moving outside our comfort zone). Another could be the reverse. If we typically would break the power snatch reps at 4-3, let's push for unbroken sets today, and see if we can hold onto the bar for all five rounds.

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