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Wednesday, May 22nd

1. Starting the day with weightlifting - building to a heavy hang squat clean for the day. 2. This will lead us into our conditioning for the day, and a short-range sprint effort at that. Three rounds of hang squat cleans and lateral burpees over the bar.



5 Minute EMOM:

Hang Squat Clean 2 x @ 60% 2 x @ 65% 2 x @ 70% 1 x @ 75% 1 x @ 80% Rest 1:00 5 Minute EMOM: 1 Hang Squat Clean, building in load.



“Dirt Nap”

3 Rounds For Time: 15 Hang Squat Cleans (115/85) 15 Lateral Burpees over the Bar

In "Dirt Nap", we have a short-range sprint effort. On the hang squat cleans, we are looking for a load we are very confident we could complete 15+ reps with unbroken when fresh. Today is a day that we are looking to hold onto the barbell for larger rep counts, versus smaller sets.

Another way to look at this is that we are looking for a load that we feel confident we could complete the 15 with one break or less in each round.

On the burpees, these are lateral to the barbell. That is, we are completing the burpee perpendicular to the barbell. A two foot jump over the barbell is Rx, with a burpee step-up still counting as Rx.

Pacing wise, although a mid-range sprint, we still need to pace the burpees relative to our conditioning. What is more important than cycling the burpees quicker is the need for large sets on the barbell. We aren't going to stop on the burpees, but we absolutely can stop on the barbell. With one break (or less) being the goal on the barbell per round, let's then increase the pace our burpees.

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