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Friday, June 7th

Benchmark Friday's continue, with "Bane". Coupling gymnastics with a classic complex of ours (Macho Man), this will be our focus of the day.

This benchmark workout was last completed November 26th, 2018.




For Time (with a 25:00 time cap): 40 Kipping Handstand Pushups 20 Ring Muscle-Ups 10 Rounds of "Macho Man" **Barbell - 185/135

"Macho Man" 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks

Modifications Modifying the handstand pushup volume along with the ring muscle-up counts to preserve the stimulus is always the aim. Although we are inside "direct interference" to some extent with these two movements - handstand pushups and ring muscle-ups - we still never want to be at failure, staying at the wall or rings awaiting for our ability to come back. Regardless of the repetition scheme we start with, if we are still working on the handstand pushups by the 4 minute mark, let's move on, transitioning to the ring muscle-ups. And if by the 10 minute mark we are still on the rings, let's move on once again to the rounds of "Macho Man".

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell load that we are confident we could complete 9+ unbroken clean and jerks with, when fresh, touch and go style. A heavier barbell, but one that we can consistently move with.

Another way to look at this complex, is to ask ourselves - can we do two complexes unbroken, back to back? As in, 3/3/3, directly into 3/3/3? If we could, when completely rested, let's take on this workout as well. If not, let's modify the loading to ensure that we could do that so that we make this the metabolic driver it is.

"Bane" brings back a classical CompTrain complex, “Macho Man”. But to make our way to the barbell, one must show their proficiency and capabilities through a gymnastic buy-in. Coupling a high skill gymnastic buy-in with a brute force finish, "Bane" is a challenging test where an athlete needs both capacities to find a land a strong score.

Efficiency and patience in the gymnastic portion is a focal point. With 60 gymnastic repetitions to open the workout, it's less about the first half of the reps, and more about the second. When fatigue compounds in gymnastics, our movement can slow significantly, sometimes drastically. Recognizing that handstand pushups into ring muscle-ups can fatigue the shoulders quick, pacing our efforts here into manageable sets is a must. A challenging portion of this gymnastic buy-in is the second half of the ring muscle-up repetitions. If we can war-game our efforts to push through those final repetitions on the rings, chances are likely that we'll clear this 60 repetition buy-in with our ideal time. When the opposite takes place, and we come to a grinding halt on the rings after coming out too aggressively, seconds (and minutes) can slide by quickly.

Approaching the barbell, expect to be challenged here. There is much to be said about a steady grind on a single barbell. This is truly our focus here. The thoughts upon finishing round 2 or 3 may not be our proudest. This is written so we can expect those thoughts to come, and expect to overcome them. We want this to be a mental challenge - a mental battle that leaves us stronger than before. If, and only if, we embrace it.

Chipping away round by round, methodically and diligently, is our aim. It's not 10 rounds, or 7, or 5 rounds remaining - we're not focused on the end state. Focus on the next round, and stay in the moment. When we're ready to start that next round, we do. Allow our mind to fully stay present in that round, versus focusing allowing us to forecast how tired me may feel in 3 more rounds.

In breaking up this complex, a sound strategy for many is singles on the power cleans, with a brief break after the second clean. Upon the third clean, it is our aim to complete at least the three front squats. If we can move into the jerks that follow, we save ourselves another clean, but if we believe we would need to break them up here given the fatigue from the front squats, recommend dropping the bar here. Rest just enough as needed, followed by an unbroken set of jerks.

Without hesitation, let's get right back on the bar for two more singles on the power cleans of the next round. Take our breather after the second clean once again - but let's get there first.

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