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Monday, June 10th

"Grunt Work" - Week 11 In our second to last week in the cycle, we will be backing off our higher percentage lifts. We will still be squatting today, but purposely with lighter loading, and after the metcon we have planned.



9 Minute AMRAP: 10 Hang Squat Snatches (75/55) 30 Double Unders (90 singles)

In "High Heels" we have a light barbell coupled with the jump rope. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that we feel confident completing 25+ reps unbroken if we tried. On the lighter side today, which in turns, turns our focus to transitions and metabolic pacing.

As we look at the hang snatch, we still need to respect the barbell. Although a lighter load, if we find ourselves muscling our way through, we will be tiring our shoulders and arms unnecessarily. On the double-unders, if we lose our spin, it's rarely due to our breathing, and more so because our arms went "lactic". By respecting the barbell, we can continue the push forward with the jump rope which is likely going to be the limiting factor in the later rounds (avoiding trip ups).

The jump rope will be the friction spot for most of us inside this workout. Although the met-con will be there, our ability to maintain control on the rope will likely be the separator. We can control our pacing here through the above to start (efficiency on the barbell), but also through composure breaks after picking up the jump rope.

After completing our final hang squat snatch, pick up the rope, and take a moment to breathe. This composure breath may last a full 5 seconds, or even a fraction of a second (depending on our DU capabilities). But having this break here allows us to stay centered and relaxed on the rope. And this is a must deeper inside the workout. Where we are not looking to take a composure break is before the snatch barbell. This is a loading light enough to grab and go. To just start. So let's do that, knowing that we are going to take our brief break before we start the double-unders.

This is a workout where we are looking for our last round to be just as fast as our second. We are striving for consistency. Recording individual round times is likely not worth the squeeze, but instead, we can take a halfway check-in. At the half way point (4:30 in), make a mental note on where we are inside the workout. At the finish, we can gauge how well we paced the second half.



9 Minute EMOM: 1 Pausing Back Squat 1 Back Squat Sets 1-3 - 60% Sets 4-6 - 66% Sets 7-9 - 72% Purposefully placing our squats post-conditioning as we keep the loading on the lighter side. On the pausing squat, pause for a 2-count before standing. No pause on the second squat.

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