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Saturday, June 15th


“Money Bags”

For Time: 400m Run 400m Medball Run 27 Box Jump Overs  15 Clean and Jerks 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 15 Clean and Jerks 27 Box Jump Overs 400m Medball Run  400m Run


Medball – (20/14) Barbell – (155/105) Box – (24/20)

If unable to run, complete:

1,000m Row 

55 Calorie Bike

*These are a little longer lengths than what we normally see. We will add extra time to the bike/row to help compensate for the lack of running with a medicine ball. 

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell that we could cycle for 10+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. It's a load that for fast singles, we know the next repetition is always there. That if we can just get our hands to the bar, we can complete the lift.

Starting with the two 400's, it is our aim to pace this effort. We want to make a strong push inside the gym, and moving through these opening distances with the larger picture in mind is in our best interest. The opening run is unweighted, followed by the medball run that follows. 

Inside the gym, we start our work on the box jump overs. Flowing from BJO, to C&J, to chest to bar (and then back through), we are looking for methodical pacing. The box jumps, post-run, will feel challenging. Our explosiveness will be taxed. Good to expect this moving into it. Settle into a steady, conservative pace here. Recovering our breathing here will benefit us for the following clean and jerks.

If we can enter this C&J composed and ready, steady fast singles may be the best approach for us here. Although touch and go reps here can absolutely fit, the juice may not be worth the squeeze with a pull-demanding chest to bar set next… followed by 15 more C&J. 

Moving back through the workout to the "start" (400m unweighted run) will give us the chance to gauge our pacing in an "unknown" workout. On Monday, we had an AMRAP 9 of hang squat snatches and double-unders. Although that may have been our first time with that specific rep scheme and combination, we in a way had a good feel on what to expect. Here, timing is hard to gauge. We will have to go by intuition. Checking the clock at the mid-way point, gives us a chance to check-in with how we are pacing inside of an "unknown" effort.

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