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Tuesday, June 18th

1. Re-testing some baselines with strict handstand pushups, and strict pull-ups. 2. This will lead us into a conditioning benchmark - the classic girl, "Helen".



10 Minutes to Complete:

1 Attempt for Max Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Rest as Needed, Then….

1 Attempt for Max Strict Pull-Ups

Strict Handstand Pushups

This is a repeat from the first week of our cycle, on Apr 2, 2019. If we are not able to complete 3 strict handstand pushups, it is in our best interest to spend some time growing strength in the range of motion.

  • Modification Option: Dumbbell Strict Presses - With a range of motion from shoulders to overhead, the freely moving bells are far more demanding than the barbell. Choose a loading that allows for at least 8-10 repetitions, and go as far as we can from there. We're aiming to be in the 8-15 repetition rep range.

Strict Pull-Ups
This is a repeat from the first week of our cycle, on Apr 2, 2019. If we are beneath 3 strict pull-ups, let's band today. Choosing a band tension that allows for at least 7 reps, we want to fall somewhere in the 7-15 rep range here. In our notes, be sure to track which band we used as we'll be building upon this base.




3 Rounds: 400m Run 21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 12 Pull-Ups

If unable to run, complete:

500m Row

20 Calorie Bike

Today we'll take on a classic benchmark, "Helen".

As we look at the movements, our first aim is to push inside the gym. If we are breaking up the swings and pull-ups excessively, it simply doesn't matter how fast we are on the run. Let's first game plan to be aggressive inside the gym, and from there, we then turn to the run.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for unbroken kettlebell swings. This is so that we focus on what the workout is intended to build - our conditioning. Let's create the environment that is "no excuses". We have a loading in this workout that we don't have an excuse not to pick up immediately. It will be challenging and metabolic, but if we know we will get 21 straight each time… we have no excuse not to start. If it's too heavy, it's actually easier.

From there, it comes down to the pull-ups inside the gym. This is where we want to be a bit more strategic than with our swings. With the three rounds in mind, a purposeful break may be of benefit early. If we are confident that we'll get two rounds unbroken, let's do so and try for the third, but if we don't believe we'll make the second set… it may be best to break on the first. What we want to avoid, naturally, is the "stare". The stare at the pull-up bar, awaiting our pull to come back.

When we feel confident that we are going unbroken on the swings, and at most a single break on the pull-ups, then it comes down to the run. And how much we are willing to suffer. This is why "Helen" is such a good test. If we know our work inside the gym is for the most part fixed (as long as we dial in our transitions), this workout is won and lost on the run.

Pacing wise, if we are looking to move on these runs, we want to visualize ourselves in the area of our ~1-1.5 mile pace. Not an all-out sprint, as we need consistency, but it is indeed aggressive.

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