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Friday October 11th

A. 10 minute burpee over bar skill practice.

20.1 is all about finding a steady and efficient pace on the burpees. Work on different methods that meet the standard (two feet take off for RX), are efficient for you and you can hold for up to 15 minutes. Workout details can be found here.

B. 20.1 Strategy

3 rounds

4 ground to overhead

5 burpee over bar

Find a pace that works for you and come up with a strategy for tomorrow.

C. In groups of 4, broken into two teams of two (A & B)

10 minute AMRAP

Group A: one person does sled pull down and back while the other does farmers carry down and back. These two people switch so each person does a pull and carry back to back.

Group B: rests while each person completes a pull and carry. Once A is done B completes a pull and carry.

Repeat this for 10 minutes.

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