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Thursday, June 7th



For Time: 27-21-15-9: Toes to Bar

After each round: 200m Run Two Gym Lengths Walking Lunge Kettlebell in Goblet Hold Position (53/35)

Following each set of toes to bar, athletes will complete a 200m run and walking lunges for a total of four sets.

Let’s start by looking at the total volume of toes to bar. There are 72 repetitions in this workout. While athletes may be capable of stringing big sets together at the beginning, the cumulative number may catch up later on. Rather than thinking of these set by set, athletes can plan on breaking these up like they would if they had to do 72 reps for time. There isn’t a wrong number here. Whether it is quick 3’s, 5’s, or even 7’s, the right pace is the one that minimizes rest between. After each set of toes to bar, athletes can find a pace on the run that allows them to without a doubt complete a length of their lunges unbroken.


With Remainder of class, foam roll and stretch

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