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Monday, December 17th

4 Minute EMOM:
2 Overhead Squats (taken from the rack)

4 Minute EMOM: 1 Snatch Pull +1 Hang Squat Snatch

4 Minute EMOM:
1 Squat Snatch Full movement, based by feel. As a refresher, a "heavy" is a challenging load, *executed with excellent technique*. Not an attempt to PR, but rather an opportunity to confirm sound form under a challenging load.


“Freddy Krueger”

21-15-9: Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches (70/50) Lateral Barbell Burpees

Resembling the intensity of "Fran", our intentions are to bring our intensity to this piece. Where it's less about aiming to find the picture perfect pace, and more so, about finding the next gear to our movement.

On the dumbbell power snatches, we are looking for a load that we can cycle 21+ with confidence. We are striving towards a heavier weight, but not one that we know we are going to require sets with. Our stimulus behind is once again, similar to "Fran". We are looking to get hands back on the dumbbell and moving within milliseconds from finishing the final burpee of the previous set. If there's hesitation, chances are we are using a weight that is slightly too heavy. Lighter, is harder, here. Modifying to 50/35 is a recommendation if we cannot cycle the 70/50 for the first 21 repetitions. Let's sprint today.

On this burpees, we are moving laterally over the barbell (and not bar-facing). This is so that we can standardize the movement, while we continue to bring our best intensity. Standards here are a two-foot jump down and up from the burpee, and a two foot jump lateral jump over the barbell.

We are looking for a sprint from the onset, in relation to how we routinely approach burpees. This will naturally vary for athletes, with the underlying stimulus being that once again, or getting outside our comfort zone. Get some friends together if able, and let's have some fun.

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