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Monday, March 18th


STRENGTH: Take 15 Minutes to find a 5RM Bench Press

Building steadily to a max 5-rep attempt on the bench press today.



20 Minute AMRAP: 200 Meter Run 10 Calorie Bike 20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 10 KB Hang Clean and Jerks (5/side) (53/35)

*For scoring, count the 200 meter run and 10 calorie bike as a single repetition.

If unable to run today, complete:

300m Run or 10 Calorie Bike

A chance to work on our pacing efforts today.

Using the analogy of a 5K run, let's visualize the first mile. Naturally, we feel the best during this first mile. We're fully rested moving into it, and if we wanted to, we could make this our fastest mile of the race. It's actually harder not to than to, given how good we feel moving into this race. Yet, we recognize that if we push this first mile or ~1/3 of the race too fast, we'll slow significantly in the second and third miles. So we consciously hold ourselves back during the first mile so that we can keep the pace in miles two and three.

Let's take that same approach here in our 20 minute AMRAP. We are going to feel great on the first round, naturally, just like in the 5K analogy above. So as we would inside of a 5K effort, let's check in for our "paces". After each round, make a mental note, or even a quick physical note, of the time on the clock. Do the math later, and view the differences between our spits. How were our middle rounds? How did we fare with holding onto the pace we established in rounds 1 and 2? Where was our fastest round - and where was our slowest? All great information points to help steer us in the right direction on the next workout. Always learning, always adapting.

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