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Tuesday, March 19th



5 Rounds for Time: 21 Double Unders (42 Singles) 9 Thrusters (95/65) 7 Pull-Ups

Rest 1:00

In today's training, we are looking to move slightly faster than we normally would.

In most intervals we will complete, we'll be aiming for roughly time on, equaling time off. This ratio allow us to operate at a very high intensity. Here today, however, we are limiting the time of rest to exactly 1:00. Round times may be approximately double that, creating a 2:1, work to rest ratio.

With that said, we want to move faster than we normally would, but not to the point of over-doing so.

This workout also gives us the chance to refine the thruster movement under fatigue. Purposefully coupled with movements surrounding it that involve a quick transition, we'll have the chance to refine our positioning on the barbell under fatigue.


OPTIONAL RECOVERY (if class time allows)

3 Rounds: 5:00 Recovery Bike After each 5:00 interval, complete: 7-10 Pausing Overhead Squats (95/65) :20s Hollow Body Hold :20s Superman Hold

Purpose here is to complete the bike at a conversational pace, while affording ourselves the chance to get under the overhead squat barbell at light loads to focus on positioning. Pause for a single second in the bottom of the squat, checking in with our heel, knee, and midline positions.

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